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APA Style, 6th edition

Welcome to the APA Style Library Guide, 6th edition

Welcome to Centennial's APA Style, 6th Edition Library Guide!

The advice in this guide is based on the APA Guide, 6th Edition:

In October 2019 the APA published the APA Style manual, 7th edition.

Starting in Fall 2020, Libraries will be supporting the 7th edition of the manual. This guide will no longer be updated.

Please visit our APA Style, 7th Edition, Library Guide

APA 7th Edition

The NEW APA 7th edition is out now and on our shelves! There are a number of changes in the edition, however, this Centennial College Library APA Guide is based on the 6th edition

The library will not be updating its resources to the APA 7th edition until Fall 2020, which is in line with other key APA resources (i.e. Academic Writer and OWL Purdue). 

If you are interested in learning about the 7th edition, more information is available below. 

Test Your Knowledge of APA!

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