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Research Data Management (RDM)

What is a data repository?

A data repository is searchable catalog of data sets. Researchers can describe their data and make the data sets available in open repositories - often repositories are hosted at research institutions. This practice makes the data available for future research and preserves the effort and money that went into collecting the data. Expectations around open data deposit are increasing.

Are you depositing data? BEST BET

Recommended repository for large data sets:

The Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) has a Youtube channel with video tutorials on FRDR.

Recommended multidisciplinary repositories


Repositories that allow restricted data sets:

You may want to select one of the repositories below if you want to restrict your data. This means that you have deposited your data in an appropriate repository but you want to restrict access. This may be the case if your data is sensitive or if there is intellectual property that you want to protect for a given amount of time.

Discipline specific repositories

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