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Research Data Management (RDM)

What is a DMP?

Many government funding agencies either require or recommend that researchers submit a Data Management Plan (DMP) as part of their funding application.

DMPs are living documents that help you plan for effective data preservation. The DMP asks you to think about data formatting, storage, and deposit before you even start your project. A DMP should outline:

● how data will be collected, documented, formatted, protected & preserved;
● how existing datasets will be used and what new data will be created
● whether and how data will be shared; and where data will be deposited.
● roles & responsibilities for managing, including succession plans
● ethical, legal and commercial constraints of the data
● methodological considerations that support or preclude data sharing

Researchers are encouraged to use standardized tools to develop their DMPs, such as the Portage Network’s DMP Assistant

(adapted from DRAFT- Tri-Agency Research Data Management Policy For Consultation, 2018) 


How do I write a Data Management Plan?

Help is available through DMP Assistant.

DMP Assistant is a tool to help researchers prepare data management plans (DMPs). The tool follows best practices in data stewardship and walks researchers step-by-step through key questions about data management.

Step 1.  Sign up with DMP Assistant
Step 2. Sign in and select a template under Organizations. The Portage template is the default.
Step 3.  Answer the questions that are relevant to your work. Guidance and examples are provided.
Step 4.  Revisit the tool throughout your research to review or revise your answers

Take advantage of the online instructional modules for areas where you might need more information.

(adapted from DMP Assistant by Portage Network licensed with CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0)

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