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Aerospace, Aviation & Avionics

Best resources for students enrolled in Aerospace, Aviation & Avionics programs.

Recommended eResources

ETCAI Interactive Electronics Modules

ETCAI interactive electronics modules includes:

  • AC Circuits Challenge: 14 activities on AC circuit analysis & troubleshooting
  • DC Circuits Challenge: 20 activities on DC circuit analysis & troubleshooting
  • Digital Challenge: 12 activities on basic digital circuit concepts
  • Solid State Challenge: 12 activities on basic solid-state concepts
  • Operational Amplifiers

Access is on campus at Ashtonbee, Progress and Downsview only:

  • Ashtonbee: Transportation Software folder on desktop 
  • Progress: ETCAI icon on desktop
  • Downsview: Transportation Software folder on desktop 



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Video: ILS Trainer

This is a 10-minute example lesson/tutorial the Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) trainer, describing the localizer, glideslope, frequency selection (channel selection) and how ILS information is displayed on various cockpit instruments such as a localizer indicator, glideslope indicator, CDI, HSI and EFIS.

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