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the Unexpected!

How do I use this library thing, anyway?

If you like watching stuff, than you are in luck, because I have created a fabulous audio and visual experience just for you!  While it may not have the same look and feel as the movie theatre experience, you will definitely get your money's worth, and you may learn something along the way. (Honk if you learned something today!)

Get on the fast track to earning your Library Smarts Micro-Credential! (Not a real credential)

Library Collection Intro in Detail

Taking stock of the virtual shelf...

Off the beaten path! Something for everyone.

Need a great article?: Grab one and go!

Because many of our journals and magazines are collected together in aggregated databases, adding and mixing several titles and publishers, searching is usually a matter of entering words and phrases that describe your topic, at least in the beginning.

(Begin here, just to get the hang of it!)


You can explore the magic of these selected collections:

Business Source Complete

SAGE Premier

Taylor & Francis eJournals

Academic Search Premier

Research Library

Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Collection

Finding that elusive journal title

From time to time, a professor, here and there, may recommend a favorite journal or magazine, suggesting a title that is perfect for your research report!  With over 150 discrete collections within our online library, how will you ever find it?

The short answer is to summon the magazine/journal searching tool, with the obvious name: Journal Search.  This tool directly links to individual magazines/journals within our collection, no matter which database(s) it resides in.


Try it, and see for yourself.

Example: Take a leisurely walk through the issues of the Journal of Vacation Marketing.

Journal of Sustainable Tourism

Journal of Travel Research

Journal of Vacation Marketing

Tourism and Hospitality Research

Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research


Something you always knew...

Get on board!

After Graduation!

Cool Stuff!

Career Info!

Looking for:

►career exploration resources

►resume and cover letter advice

►interviewing tips

►career search guidance...


Check out my Career Info for Students: keeping ahead of the competition! (guide)

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