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This guide features resources for students enrolled in the Paramedic program at Centennial College.

Multimedia Databases

Video: JoVE

Quality CPR is absolutely essential to cardiac arrest survival, and must be perfected by all healthcare providers. Suboptimal CPR is regrettably quite common, and leads to poor survival outcomes. Pausing CPR inappropriately is a common mistake, and is particularly likely when providers incorrectly prioritize advanced interventions like intubation and vascular access over basic life support. Other common mistakes include inappropriate compression rate, inadequate compression depth, leaning on the chest between compressions, ventilating ineffectively, and hyperventilating. Even with perfect CPR, outcomes from cardiac arrest aren't great, with less than 10% survival among out-of-hospital adult arrest victims, and less than 33% in-hospital survival. However, quality CPR and rapid defibrillation are absolute prerequisites to survival, and widespread improvement of resuscitation performance by providers could potentially increase survival rates.

Additional videos in JoVE's Emergency Medicine and Critical Care video series are available.

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When including images in your assignment please make sure you use "free" images -- images for which the copyright owner has given you permission to use the picture.

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