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APA Style

Your guide to citing and referencing in APA Style (7th edition)

Image from a Website, Known Photographer


Photographer lastname, Initials. (Year). Title or description of image in italics [Image format]. Website name. Hyperlinked URL

Tierney, S. (2013). Transporter bridge: Middlesborough [Photograph]. Flickr.

In-text Citation

(Photographer lastname, Year).

(Tierney, 2013).

Image from a Website, Unknown Photographer and No Date

If the creator is unknown, begin the reference with the image title:


Title or description of image [Image format]. (n.d.). Website name. Hyperlinked URL

[Golden Gate suspension bridge] [Photograph]. (n.d.). Pexels.

In-text Citation

(Title or description of image, Year).

(Golden Gate suspension bridge, n.d.). 

Artwork in a Museum or on a Museum Website


Artist’s Last Name, First Initial. Second Initial if given. (Year). Title of work [Format of work]. Museum Name, Museum Location. Hyperlinked URL

Mackintosh, C. R. & Macdonald, M. (1901). Design for a fireplace wall [Drawing]. Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY, United States.

In-text Citation

(Artist's lastname, Year).

(Mackintosh & Macdonald, 1901). 

Stock Image or Clip Art

It is not necessary to cite clip art taken from Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.


Artist’s Last Name, First Initial. Second Initial if given or username. (Year). Title of work [Image format]. Publisher. Hyperlinked URL

Katze2122. (2018). Cat icon grey [Clip art]. Openclipart.

In-text Citation

(Author, Year).

(Katze2122, 2018). 

Image from an Online Journal Article


Photographer lastname, Initials. (Year photo was taken). Title or description of image [Image format]. In Article Author's Initials. Article Author's lastname. (Year article was published). Title of article: Capitalize first word in title and subtitle. Title of Journal: Capitalize all Major Words, Volume number in italics(issue number), page range. Hyperlinked DOI or URL, if applicable

Emanuel, F. (n.d.) Young man being bullied [Photograph]. In K. VanderVen. (2011). From the bully pulpit: A child and youth work approach to bullying. Relational Child & Youth Care Practice, 24(1/2), 86.

In-text Citation

(Photographer lastname, Year).

(Emanuel, n.d.).

Unpublished Image: Your Own Photos or Artwork

Unpublished images include photographs taken by you or another individual, but not available publicly online or in a published form.

These types of unpublished images are not included in the References.

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