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Copyright for Students

Information for students at Centennial College about respecting copyright, library licenses, navigating eReserves and protecting their intellectual property.

Appropriate Use of Course Materials

Think before you share or post online!

Your course materials are provided to you based on your registration in a class, and any materials created by your professors and instructors are protected by copyright law. This includes exams, lecture slides and other course notes. Additionally, other copyright-protected materials created by textbook publishers and authors may be provided to you based on contracts, licences and educational exceptions in the Canadian Copyright Act.

If permission from the copyright holder is not acquired before posting their material online, this activity could be considered a copyright infringement. Other distribution of your course materials without copyright permission – for example, distributing materials by e-mail – may also be an instance of copyright infringement.

You may not post course materials to notesharing websites such as CourseHero & OneClass.

Students are bound by College policies, including AC100-22 Intellectual Property, and SL100-02 Student Code of Conduct, and any student found to be using or posting course materials or recordings for public dissemination without permission and/or inappropriately is in breach of these policies and may be sanctioned.

Appropriate Use of Library Licensed Resources

Centennial Libraries licenses electronic resources for faculty, staff, and current students to use, including databases, journal articles, e-books, and streaming videos. Access to these resources is governed by licence (contractual) agreements with the resource providers. Use of these resources is for educational and research purposes only and not for commercial purposes.


Please note that it is your responsibility to be aware of and abide by the licence terms. Violation of the licence terms may result in loss of access to the e-resource for you and the entire Centennial community. If you are unsure about what you can do with an e-resource, please send an email to


What can you do with library-licensed material?


Generally OK to: Generally not OK to:
Print/download a limited amount of content for your personal use Print/download an excessive amount of content (e.g. an entire journal or ebook)
Use licensed materials for instructional or research purposes Use robots or other software to systematically download or reassemble any portion of a licensed product
Share materials with other authorized Centennial users Share your login and licensed materials with people outside of Centennial
Post persistent links to licensed materials Use content for commercial purposes
  Post actual articles or content on websites accessible to non-authorized users outside of Centennial College
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