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Business 733/333

A Moving Picture is worth...

The library's collections showcase audio-visual experiences such as the one featured below.

Managing a Virtual Team

"These days staff can be scattered in offices around the world. Kylie Bell who is experienced in managing virtual teams outlines how they can be cohesive through the leader planning clear goals, roles and processes, arranging work so that progress can be monitored, being available, responsive and reliable when meetings are held, and having a clear meeting agenda. Building and maintaining relationships is paramount, for rapport, as is respecting the culture of others located in different countries."


Building the Virtual Team: Communication Across Cultural Diversity

"This instructional video, directed by Erich Toll, discusses how to best communicate with other businesses that are cultural diverse."


These two instructional segments may be found through the MEGA search box on the library's homepage, using the Resource Type filter with the label, Streaming Video.  As I might have mentioned earlier, the MEGA box is not able to search all of our collections in a single thread.  Therefore, you will be able to open other collections, individually from the E-Resources tab, using the Video filter under the Media Types heading.

Here are some potential collections of interest:

Academic Video Online


CBC Curio

Criterion On Demand

Films On Demand

Kanopy Videos

McNabb Connolly


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