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Pandemic Moment: your guide to critically thinking about information

Looking the Pandemic straight in the eye

While it is tempting to search for positive stories emerging from the pandemic story, we are not simply interested in positivity for its own sake.  We are, instead, more interested in leading our curiosity to uncover information on the spectrum of the useful and fascinating, complementing our research process.

Today, (April 1st) the Mayor of Toronto, John Tory, announced more restrictive measures including the following, "Anyone over the age of 70, as the province announced this week, is strongly encouraged to stay home as much as possible."

On the provincial side, Ontario's chief medical officer, Dr. David Williams, was reported in the Toronto Star, with a similar message. (March 30)

"Ontario’s top doctor has strict new advice for Ontarians over 70 and those of any age with a compromised immune system or underlying health condition: don’t go out anymore."

While I support the direction of the municipal and provincial health authorities, the list below represents its own testament of individuals who have recovered from covid-19. (Name, Country, Age)

Zhang Guangfen, China, 103

Female, Iran, 103

Mr. Dai, China, 101

"Mr. P", Italy, 101

Male, China, 100

Hu Hanying, China, 98

Male, China, 96

Female, South Korea, 96

Alma Clara Corsini, Italy, 95

Male India, 93

Eugene Campbell, United States, 89

Female, India, 88

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