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Pandemic Moment: your guide to critically thinking about information

Staying current

While the emergency is in place, and while Covid-19 is on the move, it is vital to seek out current information from reliable sources of information.  It is also useful to pay attention to authoritative sources within our own political and geographic location.  This includes 

Toronto Public Health

Public Health Ontario

Health Canada

The question of the upper limit on the number of people who may gather together illustrates the necessity of keeping up with current information.

[Date, Political Geography, Upper Limit],  (possible exceptions: families and/or households)

March 10, Italy, 0

March 13, Scotland, 500

March 15, United States, 50

March 16, United States, 10

March 16, Ontario, Canada, 50

March 16, British Columbia, Canada, 50

March 17, France, 0

March 21, Australia, 100

March 29, Australia, 2, (weddings, 5, funerals, 10)

ND, Alberta, Canada, 15

April 1, New Zealand, 0

April 2, United Kingdom, 2

Under the heading, COVID-19: Time for a Canada-wide standard to limit social gatherings, experts urge, the National Post reported public gathering numbers across Canada. (New Brunswick was not mentioned) (April 2)

British Columbia, 50

Alberta, 15

Saskatchewan, 10

Manitoba, 10

Ontario, 5

Quebec, 0

New Brunswick, not mentioned

Nova Scotia, 5

Prince Edward Island, 0

Newfoundland & Labrador, 10

Yukon, 10

Northwest Territories, 0

Nunavut, 0

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