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Environmental Technology Research Guide

Welcome to Centennial College's Environmental Technology research guide. This guide will introduce you to the resources needed to successfully complete your papers and assignments.

Books for Writing Journal Articles

APA and CSE Manual Style

Other Useful Resources

Paper Format

Write an Outline

What is the topic of my paper?
Why is this topic important?
How could I formulate my hypothesis?
What are my results (include visuals)?

What is my major finding?

Paper Format


1. Why is your research important?
2. What is known about the topic?
3. What are your hypotheses?

4. What are your objectives?

Materials and Methods

1. What materials did you use?
2. Who were the subjects of your study?
3. What was the design of your research?

4. What procedure did you follow?


  1. What are your most significant results?
  2. What are your supporting results?

Discussion and Conclusions

  1. What are the studies major findings?
  2. What is the significance/implication of the results?

(SOURCE: Kallestinova, ED. How to write your first research paper. Yale Journalof Biology and Medicine. 84(2011), 181-190.)

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