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VS242 Environmental Legislation & Regulation

Welcome to Centennial College's VS242 Environmental Legislation & Regulation guide. This guide will introduce you to the processes and resources needed to successfully complete your papers and assignments.


Print Journals and eJournals

The Morningside Campus Library subscribes to the following print journals that support Environmental Technology research.  Some of these are also available online. 

The current year is located on the display shelves in the Group Study area.

Back issues are located on the Periodicals shelves by the library computer lab.

Activity: Example Search Topics

  • Lac Megantic train derailment
  • Alberta tar sands
  • Thane smelter site contamination
  • Nooksack dace lawsuit
  • Northern Gateway pipeline
  • Protecting at-risk species in Ontario
  • Migratory birds colliding with office buildings

Search Tips

Keyword Searching Tips

Before entering keywords in the search box, it is useful to write down several words that best describe your research topic. Use a thesaurus if necessary to generate more words.

Descriptive words can then be connected by using words such as AND and OR to form meaningful search statements. 

Connecting Words/Boolean Logic

AND Narrows a search by joining keywords so to find articles and other documents that contain both of the keywords (e.g. communication AND downsize).

OR Broadens a search. Will find articles that contain at least one of these keywords (e.g. downsize OR layoff).

NOT Narrows a search by excluding a term. NOT connector will find articles that contain the first keyword but not the second keyword (e.g. web NOT Internet).

Example Topic: Grassy Narrows and Mercury contamination

Background Research

Background research is step 1 of your research process.

Below is an example of a search done in Canadian Points of View Reference that helped me with background information so I could identify keywords The keywords identified will later help with finding other resources like books and articles. 

Database used: Canadian Points of View Reference Centre

Search Words: Grassy Narrows and Mercury

Keywords Identified:

  • Grassy Narrows
  • Mercury
  • Policy OR law OR legislation
  • Researcher name: Masanori Hanada, of Kumamoto Gakuen University
  • Fish
  • Contamination
  • Ontario
  • Minister of the Environment and Climate Change
  • First Nations OR Aboriginal OR Indigenous
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