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Centennial College Libraries’ Statement: Harmful Library Descriptions


In its Statement of Diversity, Centennial College acknowledges its commitment to “eliminating barriers, and implementing and promoting diversity through its Academic Framework, policies, special initiatives and proactive measures.”

To that end, Centennial College Libraries acknowledges that the language used to describe some of the resources in our collection is racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic and broadly discriminatory and is derived from the Library of Congress classification system that is the product of a settler-colonial and patriarchal framework.

While this language is not reflective of the Libraries’ own values of diversity and decolonization, we recognize that its inclusion in our catalogue is harmful, discriminatory and creates unnecessary barriers to accessing Library resources.

In collaboration with our Ontario Colleges library partners, we are currently working to intentionally review and revise our resource descriptions and where possible, incorporate language that is inclusive and respectful of diverse groups and identities and promotes the findability of resources featuring diverse perspectives.

Questions?  Ask the Library.

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