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Plagiarism: a study in the spectacular fall of Dr. Chris Spence!

How to Educate Your Inner Plagiarist

This guide will take you through some of the twists and turns of plagiarism as it is encountered in college life.  Using a novel approach, we will rely on a case study derived from the "real world."  The spectacular and regrettable fall from grace of Dr. Chris Spence, former Director of the Toronto District School Board, will be our guide to the modern study of plagiarism.

As you might expect, plagiarism is a complex subject, and this guide does not pretend to be comprehensive.  Instead, I want to encourage you to ask your professors to schedule a practical hands-on workshop offered at Progress Campus Library for a more in-depth look at this academic plague.

Do not be a victim of plagiarism, ask for the workshop on behalf of your class, and "educate your inner plagiarist!"

Good Luck!

p.s. APA style has been used throughout this guide, with apologies to MLA and other style enthusiasts.

Defining Plagiarism

What is plagiarism?

Committing the act of plagiarism can have a negative impact on your academic success.  The college has a clear policy around concerns of this nature.  I have highlighted two online tutorials as we wade into the murky waters of plagiarism.

Recommended online tutorials:

What is Academic Integrity? (Brock University)

You Quote it, you Note it! (Acadia University Library)

Don't be a Course Hero!

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