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Math Advising for Student Success

Math Advising provides support to students who struggle with math.


Math Advising for Student Success is a program that provides support to students who struggle with math. 

If you have completed a Math Assessment Test for placement purposes, then you are required/recommended to meet with a Math Advisor in accordance with your test scores. A hold may be added on your account if you scored below a certain set math assessment score.

In order to get the hold removed, you are required to do one of the following:

  • Meet with a Math Advisor
  • Attend a 'Learning Centre Information Session' 

Students may also be recommended to attend a 'Math Skills Workshop'.

For more details about our Online Learning Centre services please click on the Online Learning Centre and Math Help tab on the left side bar on this page. Also, for Math online resources and content help, click on the following button.


If you have a completed a Math Assessment Test for placement purposes and need math advising, please fill out this form:

Once you have filled the above form, please connect with one of the Math Advisors mentioned below.

Online contacts


Math advising will be done online.

Please email a math strategist: 

Srishta Chopra -, 

Matthew Cheung -,

Emily Tian -,

or Darcie Brown -

and set up an appointment.

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