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Everything you need to know to include images in your assignments.


On this guide you will learn how to insert images in your assignments following APA Style (7e)!

Are you new to using images in an assignment?

Start by viewing the videos below, which will walk you through the steps of finding, inserting and citing images in your assignments.

Also on this page:

  • Examples of how to insert images from different sources (for example, an image from a database, an AI generated image, etc.)
  • Word document templates to help you properly format your images in your assignments
  • Guidance on how to quote information from images (and other visual material) when you are not inserting them into your assignments.

Video: Finding Free Images

Video: Citing Images

Websites with Free Images

The following feature open images and are listed in alphabetical order:


CC Search

Content licensed with a Creative Commons or CC 0 License.

Flickr: The Commons



"Beautifully diverse stock photos" licensed under Creative Commons Zero (CC0)


The Noun Project



Wikimedia Commons

Examples - How to Include Free Images in Your Assignments

It's possible your instructor has some requirements for using images in your assignments, so it's always a good idea to ask how they would like images to be cited.

If no instructions are given, APA Style has some guidance:

  • Start by labelling the image with a Figure number (any visual display that is not a table is considered a figure).
  • Enter a title for your image and italicize it. The title should be brief, clear and explain the content of the image. It does not have to be the same title as the image title that will appear in your References entry.
  • Under the image, include a Note, with the image title (describe the image in square brackets if no title is provided), creator, and date listed, along with the title of the website where you found the image, the hyperlinked url for the image, and the license statement for the image. Examples can be found in the tabs of this box.
  • Include a References entry in your References as well.
  • If the image appears in the body of your paper, APA recommends the image be placed at the top or the bottom of the page (not the middle). Centre the image as well, with the note left justified.

When referring to your image in the text of your paper, refer to it by the figure number.

For example:

  • As shown in Figure 2.
  • As compared in the image (See Figure 7).


Libraries subscribes to several image databases, including ArtStor and Britannica ImageQuest.

The images from these databases can be used in your assignments but should not be shared online, which is why there is no image in the example below!

In Your Paper

Figure 1

Sydney Opera House

(Image centred here)

Note. From Sydney Opera House by B. Bachmann, n.d., Britannica ImageQuest ( Copyright Photo Researchers.


Bachmann, B. (n.d.). Sydney Opera House [Photograph]. Britannica ImageQuest.


If there is no title for your image, provide a description in square brackets. If no date is available, enter: n.d. in the date field.

In Your Paper

Figure 1

Productive Group Meeting

brainstorming, business, businessman, businesswoman, colleagues, communication, computer, conference, connection, cooperation, copy space, coworker, design, computer professional, electronic device, collaboration, product design

Note. From [Group meeting with person taking notes on a laptop] [Photograph], n.d., PxHere ( CC0 Public Domain.


[Group meeting with person taking notes on a laptop] [Photograph]. (n.d.). PxHere

In Your Paper

Figure 1

Kids Playing With Bubbles

Note. From Bubbles! [Photograph], by C. McCorkle, 2006, Flickr ( CC BY-SA 2.0.


McCorkle, C. (2006). Bubbles! [Photograph]. Flickr.

In Your Paper

Figure 1

Example of Two-Tone Line Art

Note. From Cat icon grey [Clip art], by Katze2122, 2018, Open Clipart ( CC0 1.0.


Katze2122. (2018). Cat icon grey [Clip art]. Open Clipart.

In Your Paper

Figure 1

Example of an AI Generated Image

Note. Image generated using the prompt "Fall trees" by Perchance, AI Image Generator, 2023 (


Perchance. (2023). AI Image Generator [AI image creator].

Unpublished images include images taken by you but not available publicly online or in a published form.

For images you took yourself, you do not need to include a figure number, note, or References entry. However, you may wish to add a note underneath the image to let your reader know it's your photograph (otherwise, your reader may assume you forgot to cite the image!)

In Your Paper

(Insert image here)

Note. Photograph by author.

No References entry is needed when the image is your own.

Word Templates

Quoting From An Image (Or Other Visual Material)

If you are quoting information from an image, table, graph or infographic only (and not inserting it into your paper) follow the guidelines on our APA guide for citing your sources.

For example, if you are citing information from a table you found in a journal article, follow the guidelines for citing Journal Articles.

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