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Information and resources for students enrolled in English Language Learning courses.

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Leisure reading

Reading for fun is a great way to improve your reading skills in English! The library offers thousands of titles both in print and electronically.

English literature classics

These classics of English literature are an excellent entry point for reading in English! These titles are often cited, written about, and studied and can provide context for further studies in English literature.

Rapid reads

Rapid Reads is a books series from Orca Publishers that focuses on publishing books for English language learners and people with lower proficiency in English. These books have gripping storylines and straightforward language and syntax - perfect for your next leisure read!

Graphic novels

Graphic novels are an excellent way to pick up language cues and conversation in English. Images throughout the novel can help readers make sense of any vocabulary or terms they are unfamiliar with, plus, they are beautiful to look at! Check out a few below or search Graphic novels or Comic books, strips, etc. to find more!

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