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COMM160 College Communications 1

Welcome to Centennial College's COMM 160 Library Guide.

Research as Inquiry

Diagram showing Marcia Bates' berrypicking model of online information retrieval. It begins with one question, and winds along as new information is discovered, changing the original question before exiting the search.Research as Inquiry (ACRL, 2015) refers to an understanding that research is iterative (repetitive) and depends upon asking increasingly complex or new questions whose answers prompt additional questions.

  • Formulate questions for research appropriate to scope and based on information gaps
  • Evaluate information from a variety of perspectives in order to shape your own knowledge base

Information scientist, Marcia Bates (1989), described online searching as being like berry-picking (see diagram at right). You start with one question (Q0) and as new thoughts or information are uncovered, the path winds along to incorporate this new knowledge. This means your original question may change as you work through your research; this is totally normal!

Developing a Topic Tutorial

This 6 minute tutorial will help students learn to develop an appropriate topic for a research paper by considering goals, approaches, topic scope and helpful resources.

Full size tutorial.

(Lane Community College, 2015)

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