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International Student Services: Out-of-Province Students

Learning Centre for International and out-of-province students

International and Out-of-Province Students


International and out-of-province students in different time zones

  • We understand that you may be working from a place that is in a different time zone and country. 
  • Due to the circumstances, some of the apps we are using for our Learning Centre services may be blocked in your country. 
  • Furthermore, our working hours may not work for you due to time differences. 

If the above applies to you, we encourage you to email a learning strategist, and we will arrange for a time to meet with you. Email us at any time and we will get back to you!

Email a Learning Strategist for guidance on your Study Skills:

  • Marlyn Husbands (,
  • Helen Chang (,
  • Joanne Dominico (,
  • Sasha Chernomurova (

Email a Math Strategist for any Math related inquiries:

  • Srishta Chopra (,
  • Matthew Cheung (,
  • Emily Tian (, 
  • Darcie Brown (

Below are step-by-step videos to use our services:
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Math Learning Strategist

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