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FTHP 110: Health and Wellness Concepts

Resources for first year Fitness and Health Promotion students

Your Game Plan

(1) Break it Down 

Develop a research question

Identify the key concepts in your question

Brainstorm key terms (i.e. synonyms, related concepts) for each identified concept

(2) Find & Replace

Enter a key term from each concept group to enter into the database

Not finding anything useful? Replace the key terms you used in your search and try again.

(3) Don't Scroll--Refine 

Don't scroll through your results! Use the limiters alongside the results (e.g. resource type, publication date, subject) to refine your results to a manageable number (i.e. 50 or less). Now go ahead and scroll.

Open License Statement

FTHP: Health and Wellness Concepts by Centennial College Libraries is licensed under a CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 license unless otherwise stated.

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