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Indigenous Knowledges

A guide to resources for Indigenous Knowledges

Searching Tips

From the library home page, select Advanced Search. Using Advanced Search helps streamline your results. Use the different boxes to separate out the ideas that make up your topic (e.g., "Indigenous" in one box, and "Youth" in a separate one).

Use connectors (aka Boolean logic): Most databases and search engines use Boolean logic to make connections between different words in your search. A few of the most popular Boolean operators include:

AND narrows your search, e.g. Indigenous AND Youth

OR expands your search by using similar terms (synonyms), e.g. self-government OR sovereignty

Quotation marks tell the database to search for an exact phrase (as opposed to searching individual words separately), e.g. "Charter of Rights"

Asterisks (*) allow you to shorten a word to its root, allowing you to search for the same word with different endings. E.g., educat* searches for educate, educational, educator, education - all at once. 

Recommended Databases

Databases specializing in Indigenous content:

Interdisciplinary databases:

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