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COMM160 College Communications 1

Welcome to Centennial College's, Morningside Campus, COMM160 College Communications 1 library guide. This guide will introduce you to the processes and resources needed to successfully complete your papers and assignments.


Use some of the over 80 eResources that the library subscribes to.  Here are some recommended eResources to use for Architecture research:

Follow these tips for effective database searching.

A complete list of library eResources will help you select appropriate databases for your research.

Go to E-Resources by Subject > Sociology for a list of relevant databases.

Popular vs. Scholarly Sources



(e.g. magazines, newspapers, etc...)


may contain selective advertising

will contain extensive advertising

Authors & Audience

written by and for academics or researchers

written by staff or freelance writers for a broad audience

Format & Graphics

may include graphs and charts; 
seldom contain glossy pages or pictures

often slick and glossy;
will contain photographs, illustrationsand/or drawings


may use discipline-specific language or jargon

uses everyday language that is accessible to the average reader


lengthy articles with in-depth coverage of topics

shorter articles: usually provide broad overview of topics


generally published by a professional organization

published for profit


to inform, report, or make available
original research to the scholarly world

to entertain, inform, or persuade


footnotes and/or bibliographies

rarely cite any sources


Peer Reviewed Article

Before conducting a search, check and see if the online periodical database has an option to limit your search to scholarly or "peer reviewed"** publications. For example, there may be a box you can check that says "peer reviewed." While this is a good first step, you should be aware that each online database provider (e.g. EBSCOhost) may have different definitions of "peer reviewed." 

What is peer-reviewed?

This term generally refers to a publication that contains only articles that have been reviewed, (qualified) edited and selected by recognized experts in the particular field of study covered by the journal.

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