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COMM160 College Communications 1

Welcome to Centennial College's, Morningside Campus, COMM160 College Communications 1 library guide. This guide will introduce you to the processes and resources needed to successfully complete your papers and assignments.

Developing a Research Question

Turning your topic into a Research Question

• Helps to narrow it to a manageable scope
• Allows you to identify a problem that can guide your searching

Broad Topic:

Homegrown Terrorism

Narrow Topic: 

Homegrown terrorism in Canada and the need for public surveillence in order to protect civilians. 

General Question:

Will mass surveillence of the public help in protecting civilians from homegrown terrorism?

After further research, the question may evolve and so will your thesis. 


Mass surveillence Bill C-51 will not protect civilians from homegrown terrorism and threaten the Canadian Charter of Rights. 


Bill C-51 will protect Canadians from terrorism
Bill C-51 threatens the Charter of Rights of Canadians and is not an effective means to fight terrorism.

Canada and Terrorism

Using Social Analysis, brainstorm your topic. Think about ideologies, assumptions, perspectives, and critical thinking questions (p. 28-49 of course textbook) Brainstorm your ideas and thoughts using a mind map (

Mind Map - Terrorism and Canada

Developing a Topic Tutorial

This 6 minute tutorial will help students learn to develop an appropriate topic for a research paper by considering goals, approaches, topic scope and helpful resources.

Full size tutorial.

(Lane Community College, 2015)

Research as Inquiry

Research as Inquiry refers to an understanding that research is iterative and depends upon asking increasingly complex or new questions whose answers prompt additional questions or lines of inquiry in any field.

  • Formulate questions for research appropriate to scope and based on information gaps
  • Evaluate information from a variety of perspectives in order to shape your own knowledge base


Group Activity: Developing a research topic

1. In groups, go to designated stations and brainstorm topic using background information, knowledge, and critical thinking questions discussed in COMM160. Each group shares findings.

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