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ETCAI Interactive Electronics Modules

Interactive learning modules for electrical and electronics topics.

ETCAI interactive electronics programs

Interactive learning with activities and quizzes. For listing of library ETCAI holdings go to Library E-Resources

About ETCAI Products (company based in Collierville TN, USA)

Note: These products run only on Windows Explorer!

Information for Faculty

About the Learning Modules

ETCAI includes 5 learning modules:

  1. AC Circuits Challenge: 14 activities on AC circuit analysis & troubleshooting
  2. DC Circuits Challenge: 20 activities on DC circuit analysis & troubleshooting
  3. Digital Challenge: 12 activities on basic digital circuit concepts
  4. Solid State Challenge: 12 activities on basic solid-state concepts
  5. Operational Amplifiers

How to use ETCAI

This material is designed as an interactive supplement to instruction:

  • As a lab assignment
  • To refresh knowledge
  • To measure and assess knowledge and skill levels
  • For independent practice and review

Accessing ETCAI

On campus access at Ashtonbee, Progress and Downsview campuses only

Copy and paste the following into Windows Explorer:


  • Ashtonbee Desktop > Transportation Software Folder > ETCAI Electronics
  • Progress ETCAI Icon on desktop
  • Downsview Desktop > Transportation Software Folder > ETCAI Electronics

Open License Statement

ETCAI Interactive Electronics Modules by Centennial College Libraries is licensed under a CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 license unless otherwise stated.

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