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ENGL 250: Report Writing (Investigation & Technology)

Use this guide to find resources to help you write your Investigation & Technology reports for ENGL 250

Finding Grey Literature

Grey literature includes research & technical reports, working papers, government documents, white papers and evaluations. This type of research is usually found for free, online and often contains important information that you might not find in the library.

The resources listed below are good places to start when looking for grey literature on your topic. If you can't find what you need in the resources below, check out our Tips for Searching Google for Grey Literature

Searching Google for Grey Literature

Use Google Advanced search to help you find grey literature on your topic more easily. 

Site or Domain

Use the site or domain option to find government information. In this field, type:

  • to find Canadian government information
  • to find Ontario government information
  • .gov to find American government information


Use the file type option to help you find reports more easily. Many reports are published online as PDFs. To find PDF reports, choose Adobe Acrobat PDF (.pdf) from this dropdown menu. 

What is Grey Literature?

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