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Literature: Research Guide

This guide is intended for students who need library resources for literature studies.

Search the Library Collections (Summon)

The search box on the Library's Home Page will search most of the Library's resources, both paper and digital. 

The system provides keyword searching with results ranging from books, journal and newspaper articles, and videos.

Search for authors or works in quotes such as “dionne brand” or "what we all long for" (no need to capitalize).

You can refine your search using the criteria on the left hand side of your search results page, for example, journal articles or books & ebooks) under Resource Type rather than any format. You can further refine your results to scholarly, peer reviewed articles as well as resources with full text online. Under the Subject Area section limit your search to languages & literatures. You can obtain results that are more precise by clicking on subject heading in the Subject Terms section. 

Use the Advanced Search page to find material about an author. Select Subject Terms in the drop down menu and type the author's name in the corresponding search box.

Single eResources searches

It is recommended that these eResources be searched separately rather than through the search box on the Library home page.


  • Start out by searching for the title of the work.
  • You may find nothing on the work itself but you probably can find information about the author including style, themes and literary devices commonly used by the author that you can apply to the work you are studying.
  • If you find no results for a short story, try the title of the book where the story was originally published. For example, Rohinton Mistry's  "Swimming Lessons" was one of the works in his book of short stories Tales from Firozsha Baag. 
  • If the work has been translated into English from another language try searching for the title in the original language. For example "La fiesta ajena" (The Stolen Party). Remember to limit your search results to resources in English.
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