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Learning Strategies

Time management, study aids, note taking, test preparation skills and more strategies for academic success.

Studying for Tests

Stoplight Technique

Stoplight Technique

Not sure what to study or where to start? The Stoplight Study Technique is a simple strategy that will help you prioritize what to study when studying for a test.

Flash Cards Flash cardsFlash cards are a great way to study on-the-go as you can take them anywhere and study at anytime! If you would prefer to use an app, we have a list of recommended flash card apps below.

Writing Tests

The tip sheets below will help you to write different types of tests. 

Multiple Choice Short Answer & Essay Style
Multiple choiceThis tip sheet provides you with tips for writing multiple choice tests. Short answerThis tip sheet will provide you with strategies for writing short answer and essay style tests.


Online Resources & Apps


Prepare for tests using Quizlet Flashcards. Use along with the Quizlet app to help you study! Available on web, iOS and Android.


Study with flashcards using or the Flashcards app, available on iOS and Android.


Anki allows you to create flashcards with images, videos, audio clips and science/math notation. 


Please, note that the products listed above are not endorsed by Centennial College or sponsored by the companies in any way. Students accessing these products are doing so at their own discretion and risk.

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