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Understanding Israel-Palestine: Start Here

Understanding Conflict in the Middle East

As the war in the Middle East continues to claim the lives of hundreds of civilians everyday, many people feel unequipped or undereducated to discuss and/or engage with this topic. This guide was created to provide context on the historical, political, and social conditions that have led to the current humanitarian crisis in Israel and Palestine. This is not an exhaustive list of all available resources, rather a jumping off point for students, staff, and faculty to begin their learning journey.

CONTENT WARNING: Centennial Libraries recognizes the topic of Israel/Palestine may be distressing for some community members and support is available. Students can access 24 hour support from the Good2Talk Helpline at 1-866-925-5454. Support for staff is available through the Employee Family Assistance Program. Access more resources available to the Centennial College community through the Centre for Accessible Learning and Counselling Services (CALCS).

Books & eBooks

Human Rights Organizations

Videos, Films, and Documentaries

A People Without a Land (2015) available via Border and Migration Studies Online

Explores the notion that the only real solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a one-state solution.

Official Selection - Manhattan Film Festival, 2014
Official Selection - Raindance, 2014
Official Selection - UNAFF International Documentary Film Festival, 2014

Seeing Through the Wall: Meeting Ourselves in Palestine & Israel (2017) available via Border and Migration Studies Online

This film follows a group of Jewish Americans who travelled to Israel and Palestine in 2016 seeking to understand what life is like for Palestinians living in the Occupied Territories and in East Jerusalem.

Intellectual Freedom

A note on libraries and intellectual freedom: "Libraries have a core responsibility to safeguard and facilitate access to constitutionally protected expressions of knowledge, imagination, ideas, and opinion, including those which some individuals and groups consider unconventional, unpopular or unacceptable. To this end, in accordance with their mandates and professional values and standards, libraries provide, defend and promote equitable access to the widest possible variety of expressive content and resist calls for censorship and the adoption of systems that deny or restrict access to resources." (Canadian Federation of Library Associations).


Academic Journals

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