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Emerging Technology & 3D Printing at Centennial Libraries

Learn about the library's technology collection and 3D printing service! Borrow resources like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, virtual reality headsets, podcasting kits & more!

What is the LIX 3D Pen?

The LIX 3D Pen allows you to draw objects in the air! Simply turn on the pen, add a coloured filament, and guide the pen to create 3D objects. 

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Getting Started

To start using the LIX 3D Pen

1. Select the ABS button or the button closest to the tip of the LIX pen (In ABS mode, the colour of the lights on the pen will flash red). 

2. Load an ABS filament into the top of the LIX pen.

3. Plug in the pen.

4. Press and hold the ABS button for a few seconds until the four lights on the pen blink. The lights will then turn off and gradually turn back on as the pen is heated. 

5. Wait until all 4 lights are turned on and then press the button close to the tip of the pen to extrude the filament. 

Read the full instructions for getting started

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