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Future of Work: research resources

Trends in Ontario

Ontario's Labour Market

Access current monthly labour market reports.  Reports contain:

►quick facts

►employment increased in (current month)

►employment increase and decrease by industry

►unemployment rate decreased to (current percentage)

►employment and unemployment in urban centres 


Ontario Job Profiles 

This resource looks at careers in Ontario from a variety of variables.  I am highlighting the features in this resource that have something to say about the future outlook of individual careers.

The following headings are included for each career listed:

►job outlook rating

►projected job openings

►annual number of job postings

►job growth

►in-demand skills and knowledge

►where jobs are located in Ontario

►industries where these jobs are found

Trends in Toronto

Toronto's Economy, Labour Force & Demographics

Includes labour force survey data


Toronto's Dashboard

Reports on key variables, including:

►community vulnerability


►development & construction




Trends in the United States

Occupational Outlook Handbook

This resource takes a look at individual careers in the United States, covering key components such as: what they do, work environment, how to become one, and compensation.  The focus here is: Job Outlook.

In book form...

Widening the Canadian scope!

Career Cruising

This collection examines careers within the Canadian landscape, offering current information under the headings of: job description, working conditions, earnings, and educational requirements.  The program opens up sections on assessments, educational paths, and offers access to a career vault of current career opportunities.



These guides offer a wider picture of the career horizon from a Canadian perspective.

Career info for students: keeping ahead of the competition!

Careers for New Canadians: get in the game!

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