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Future of Work: research resources

Easy Does It!

In addition to drawing trends out of the Industry Info Sources (previous tab), you may want to take advantage of catching and exploiting the industry trends found in the journal and magazine holdings of the online library.  This section sets an example for your future use.  Open a relevant collection, such as Business Source Complete, and search for "industry trends."


Sift through the title lists, until you find an article of interest.  In this What's Trending? article example, you can take advantage of the article record to explore more ideas, even before you open the What's Trending? article!  For example, What's Trending? was published in a trade magazine called Restaurant Business.  Why not click the title link, Restaurant Business, to search for more trends within this magazine?


In this search, several articles stand out, including this one, Predicting the year's top trends. There are plenty of trends to watch out for:

►Ghost kitchens

►Lower ABV cocktails

►Franchisees demanding to drive

►Plant-based items to defy the impossible

►Balkin cuisine

►Green to go


Choose one and go deep into a new search within the Business Source Complete collection: Ghost kitchens.


Returning to the original What's Trending? article, there are several things to watch, as well:

►All-day snacking growth


►Fast casual, no sign of slowing down

►Sandwiches gain traction

Sometimes, an article of interest to you will make reference to another article within the body of the text.  Why not check that out too?  Of course, reference lists are also excellent sources for further reading and research.

Ghosting the Kitchen!

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