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Anti-Black Racism

Centennial Libraries and the Centre for Global Citizenship Education and Inclusion invite you to learn more about the history of anti-black racism in Canada. Watch the podcast, read the books and reports, and increase your awareness of the challenges Black Canadians face. 


Visit the GCEI's page on Anti-Black Racism.

Find valuable anti-black racism teaching resources on the Teaching and Learning for Higher Education Library Guide.

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Building a Culture of Safety in Higher Education, May 26

Building a Culture of Safety in Higher Education:
Understanding the Intersections of Gender-Based Violence and Anti-Black Racism

Wednesday May 26 | 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

All participants will receive a copy of Eternity Martis’ book.    

*Please note this event is only open to Centennial College students and staff.*


Hosted by the Centre for Global Citizenship Education and Inclusion.

On May 26, acclaimed author and Toronto-based journalist Eternity Martis will join the Centennial College community to discuss and strategize new and evolving ways to disrupt toxic campus culture. You are invited to be a part of a critical and powerful conversation alongside Centennial leaders, faculty, support staff and students, to collaboratively take steps towards building a culture of safety, inclusion and belonging. 

In her bestselling debut memoir published in 2020, They Said This Would Be Fun, Eternity Martis recounts,

"Instead of focusing on classes and adjusting to my new life as a student, everything had become about the skin I was in. I became a survivor of both inter-partner violence and sexual assault, and had to fight stereotypes about not being the perfect victim. Anger and fear were so etched in my body that I often felt I had no control over myself. Why could people take their anger out on me, but mine was irrational?"

As an important and contemporary resource for post-secondary students and employees, Martis’ book details her experiences of navigating post-secondary as a student of color – accounts that unfortunately are not uncommon for many students who experience diverse and intersecting forms of marginalization. She exposes the unchallenged and entitled culture of racism and sexism that is rampant across many Canadian post-secondary campuses. Insidious forms of systemic harm are no longer hidden behind the walls and computer screens of higher education; they exist in plain view and we are all called to collectively identify, address and challenge them.

Centennial College has established commitments to begin fostering a culture of safety, including priorities to address both gender-based violence and anti-Black racism within higher education, and to examine systemic issues from an intersectional approach, recognizing the complexities of the lives of students and employees who experience inequities based on multiple and compounding oppressions. As part of the College’s commitment to providing inclusive living, working and learning spaces, this event promises to be a powerful opportunity to collaborate across all areas and engage in impactful and transformative change.


Led by Centennial College’s Centre for Global Citizenship and Inclusion, in collaboration with Marketing and Communications, the podcast “Decoding Black,” features hosts Dr. Christopher Stuart Taylor, expert scholar in Immigration History and Black Canadian History, and Letecia Rose, Manager of Partnerships and Programs at Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Partnership. The hosts invite listeners to increase their awareness on how to destabilize, deconstruct and disrupt systems of oppression linked to anti-Black racism. Listeners of the podcast will learn diverse perspectives on the Black Canadian experience, and deepen their understanding of critical approaches on how to counteract anti-Black racism and systemic barriers affecting diverse Black communities.

Listen now to Episode 2: The Legacy of Anti-Black Racism in Education


Sharing Stories: Documentary & Storytelling Session

The Libraries & Learning Centres and GCEI hosted a celebration of Black storytelling, including a keynote from Itah Sadu, owner of A Different Booklist, a Black-owned bookstore in Toronto, on February 24 2021.

Featured documentaries : 

Solidarity Resources : How to be a better ally

Essays and Short Stories

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