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GCELE: Environmental Awareness in Rural Farming Communities in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Resources to support the GCELE to Brazil. Students will examine the impact of monoculture agribusiness practices on the ecosystem and community.


This guide has resources and information to help you make the most out of your GCELE. Use the tabs on the left side of the screen to find additional information on Brazil's flora and fauna, sustainable farming, monoculture agribusiness, deforestation, and ecological conservation -- all topics that you will be exploring on your trip. 

Get ready for your adventure!

Learn about Brazil
Encyclopedia Britannica

Learn about Sao Paulo
Encyclopedia Britannica

Find more information

Use these resources to learn more about Brazil & Sao Paulo, as well as key topics you'll be discussing on your GCELE, including sustainable farming, monoculture agribusiness and deforestation. 

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