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Math help from the Learning Centre

This guide provides useful resources for a wide variety of math topics. It is targeted at students enrolled in a math course or any other Centennial course that requires math knowledge and skills.

Studying for a Math course

Tip 1: Prepare for class.

Tip 2: Review your notes from class within 24 hours.

Tip 3: Focus on UNDERSTANDING, not memorizing.

Tip 4: Pay attention to the vocabulary of math.

Tip 5: Make connections to previous knowledge, between math topics and to the real world.

Tip 6: Do practice problems.

Tip 7: Try learning in a group.

Tip 8: Review the mistakes you made and learn from them!

Tip 9: Recognize negative feelings and/or anxiety about math.

Tip 10: Seek help when you are stuck!

For full detailed description on these tips, please click on the following file.

Studying for a Math Test

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