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Learning Strategies

Time management, study aids, note taking, test preparation skills and more strategies for academic success.

ASPIRE to Succeed!

ASPIRE, which stands for Academic Supports that Promote Independence, Resilience and Empowerment) is a fun and engaging self-paced program that teaches students essential study skills to achieve academic success.

These interactive, self-paced online modules teach students how to study and learn effectively. They focus on a variety of research proven study skills such as: growth mindset, time management skills, test preparation, note taking, etc.

The modules include videos, interactive activities, and fun quizzes, as well as additional resources available at the college to support student learning. Each module takes approximately 20 minutes (or less) to complete. 

To learn more about strategies that will help you to be successful in your program, click on any of the links below.

Growth Mindset

Study Strategies

Time Management

Note Taking

Test Preparation




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