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Learning Strategies

Time management, study aids, note taking, test preparation skills and more strategies for academic success.


Are you managing your time well? Evaluate the use of your time with the Managing Your Time Worksheet, then use the 3-Steps to Successful Time Management system to set yourself up for time managment success. Any of the calendars below will help you to create a time management plan. To help you plan tasks required to complete a project, essay, or assignment, check out the Project Task List.

Click on the icons or the titles to download the calendars.

4 Month Calendars

4 Month Calendar (One month per page) 4 month calendar​This 4-month calendar includes one month per page. Colour-code by course and put all of your tests, assignments, and important events into the calendar to keep you on track!
4 Month Calendar (Two months per page) 4 month calendar​This 4-month calendar includes two months per page. Colour-code by course and put all of your tests, assignments, and important events into the calendar to keep you on track.

Weekly Calendars

Semester Planner Semester PlannerThis semester planner is divided by weeks. The semester planner is a good way to see what should be completed within the week all in one place. You can use it as a reading list and put in the chapters that should be completed each week!
Weekly Schedule

Weekly schedule​Use a weekly schedule to block specific times for all of your commitments. Include all of your classes, preparation and study time for each course, and any personal activities.

You can make a general schedule to follow every week, or a detailed one which includes the chapters you will work on for that week.

Online Resources & Apps


To help you stay focused, try the Pomodoro Technique, where you study for 25 minutes, take a break for 5 minutes, and repeat. Check out this website for more information and for a list of the 12 best Pomodoro apps.

Reminders with Voice

For iOS devices, try the Reminders with Voice app. Set reminders with any frequency, set an image with your reminder, and check the Calendar to see your reminders for the day.

Google Calendar

Get organized with Google Calendar for webiOS, and Android. Add events, reminders, and personal goals. Google Calendar syncs all of your calendars in one place.

Please, note that the products listed above are not endorsed by Centennial College or sponsored by the companies in any way. Students accessing these products are doing so at their own discretion and risk.

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