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BI207 Microbiology

Welcome to Centennial College's BI207 research guide. This guide will introduce you to the processes and resources needed to successfully complete your papers and assignments.

Your assignment - BEST BETS

The material here will help you get started with your characteristics of organisms asignment. See the best bets below or watch the instructional videos for more tips. Two drop-in sessions are also offered.
Make sure the spelling of your organism is correct before you start..
Find at least 5 references. Minimum:
  • Bergey’s Manual of Systematic Bacteriology (eBook here)
  • 1 peer reviewed scientific journal article (search Library Search)
  • 1 scholarly online source (search Google for a reliable website)
  • 2 additional reference texts (any of the eBooks listed on this guide)

Finding a Peer Reviewed Article

Watch on YouTube if the video does not display below.

Finding your organism in Bergey's Manual

Watch on YouTube if the video does not display below.

Identify a Scholarly Online Source

Watch video on YouTube if it doesn't diplay below.

More help?

Additional 1:1 help is available through AskON in the bottom right corner of this screen

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