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Encounters with the Internationalization of Higher Education: what you need to know

Art of Listening: inside Higher Education

"The college is trying to earn money and running it as a business. That's why they are just giving away offer letters specially to international students because they pay at least 4 times  more tuition fees as compared to domestic students.  Moreover, they don't complain, they remain speechless.  There are more number of students than actual seats..."

"Do not attend this college... First of all there are so many international students, every single class makes me feel like I'm back in grade 5..."


The GLOBAL has arrived, everywhere, and especially in the world of higher education.  The road ahead is rocky, and it deserves our careful attention.  Encounters with the Internationalization of Higher Education can point the way, opening the positive voices of experience and wisdom.

It is time to listen, it is time to act, it is time to educate!

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